INDIA -NEPAL with EO -1990 -part III

INDIA -NEPAL with EO -1990 -part III

Continue from  the second part of the trip from Jaipur to Varanasi



Raxaul(India)-Birgunj (Nepal), the border station
  1990 February 28th. We leave India after 22 days of travel and enter Nepal.

Stopping at Bourgeois for supplies. A smell of roasted meat, known from old times, reaches my nose. Meat! Somewhere bake meat. With the nose down, like a dog I go to the straits, followed by the half group, and we reach the “barbecue” .Into   TATAs drum with charcoal inside and some spits with pieces of a yellow thing passed over it. We do not ask what it was or how much it does. We told him.Put meat-put,put. We should not have seen it so much. If we were not finished we would not leave .

Late in the evening (let’s see the barbecue), we arrive at Chitwan National Park. We did not need to set up tents or mount the bed, they were ready with regular beds. This evening we did a bath with hot water from a barrel with wood from below !!!! Meat and hot shower? where did they bring us?


In the morning we went to the jungle safari elephant station.






In the afternoon, the safari continued with canoa  in the river. Do not put a hand on the water because you would feed a crocodile.

The canoas (tree trunk burnt) They left us in the jungle and we walked on foot.



The women stood up and the men played volleyball with the Nepalese and we lost a case of beers.

In the evening we had local dances and dinner with … again meat !!!!

Two nights in Chitwan and the last day of the truck journey to Kathmandu.


Our driver, Nick (from New Zealand) …




… και ό άλλος οδηγός ο Φλόπυ (απο Ζιμπάμπουε),που έφυγε από το Τσιτουάν για να μας περιμένει στο Κατμαντού.


The last Dinner of the group.

Now we stay in hotels in Thamel, surrounded by “guides”, tour guides and tourists from all over the world. Everyone in our group makes their own excursions and walks until the return flight comes, which often delays a few … .days.

In Bhaktapur. Drink our tea at Durbar Square. The Nyatapola temple / pagoda opposite was shattered by the earthquake of 2015.


Durbar Square, Bhaktapur.


Thamel coffee-bar.


Nagarkot, at 2300 altitude. From here, Seven of the nine heights of the Himalayas appear.

As soon as the clouds fled, you saw the peaks.

And here vegetarian rice-based.




In Kathmandu I found again the legendary Magic Bus

Our Hotel is the famous Kathmandu Guest House, based on EO. in Nepal.





Our own Bedford MK, with other passengers, leaves for London (passes from Kavala -Thesaloniki). It will arrive after 16 weeks !!!

There was also the Kathmandu trip -London without Cairo of 11 weeks but also the biggest through Africa of 29 weeks !!!




With long delays, and with flights canceled, we avoided Athens via London.

3-day trip with a single book. He started reading it one by one, tearing the pages he had read and giving them to the other.


 …and then we will follow articles with photos of the sites we went to.

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