INDIA -NEPAL with EO -1990 -part II

INDIA -NEPAL  with EO -1990 -part II

From Jaipur to Varanasi.



Camping in the hotel garden in Jaipur.

Playing cricket.

In 1990 we wrote cards, we did not send SΜS

Jaipur City Palace

 Driving between cows in the Jantar Mantar observatory Jaipur

  Jaipur City Palace

 To Amber Fort

Amber Fort

Amber Fort Sheesh Mahal


 At a carpet factory in Jaipur

  Fatehrpur Sikri.


Fatehrpur Sikri.

 Agra Taj Mahal




 Khajuraho.We replenish water from a depressing pump.


 Overnight stay in a Treehouse

Elephant vs Βedford ΜΚ


 Barber and masseuse

 Floating tourist shop
Somewhere here we dry our own clothes that we gave to the barber for washing. Immediately washed in the holy waters of Ganges.

Last Lunch in India.
.And now we have to find another way for the Nepal,because it closes the narrow bridge.

Last dinner in India.


 Last night in India
 last breakfast in India. Raxaul, the border station
  1990 February 28th. We leave India after 22 days of travel and enter Nepal.



Continue with the third part of the trip.Nepal

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